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Ghost Stories: A Serial

On the fly, unedited — though hopefully proofread — spontaneous serial. This is a fun exercise for me to just write without censoring or planning, which hopefully results in something entertaining for you to read if you follow along.

Though this is an open-ended, indefinite project I promise that if I decide to stop writing it, I will still bring it to a conclusion. I won’t leave you hanging. Axed series in the middle of a story are a nightmare — I’d never do that to you!

There aren’t many rules to this – just that I write each instalment in one sitting, and once I’ve hit publish I can’t go back and change it. Though I can’t help having ideas in my head about where it might go, largely it’s unplanned — so if you have any suggestions for the next instalment get in touch and I might just use your contributions!

A 19 year old guy realises he’s dead… and it seems like he has been for a week. But he’s only just realised it, only just realised that for a whole week he’s been a ghost and he didn’t even know. He didn’t even believe in ghosts until he became one.

What do you do, if you realise you’re dead, a ghost, and you don’t even remember dying?

What do you do with an infinite life, now that you’re not really even alive anymore?


Full list of instalments here.

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