About Me

jessieSince everyone says I ‘must’ have an About Me section, I don’t really want one.

But for the really committed among you who are still reading, I guess I should write something. Being a writer, I sometimes feel like I am actually made of words… so here’s a bunch of them:

Author, blogger, artist, mum, wife, daughter, sister, daydreamer, paleo-ish, traveller, introvert, adventurer, passionate tea-drinker, human being.

I think that pretty much covers it. 😉 If you do want to know more about me, you can read the blog, read my books (which are me on the page), or come and stay with us at the guesthouse-slash-work exchange thing my husband & I run in our little coastal home in South Australia – because I’d much prefer you talk to me about yourself than the other way around 🙂

What do I write?

YA, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Women’s Fiction, Paranormal.

You can find a few short stories and an ongoing serial here on the website. I’m always working on several novels…which I give away here.

I love exploring the ideas of ordinary heroes, the what-ifs and if-only’s, and the strengths and frailties of humanity wrapped in a good story. You’ll find a lot of those themes throughout my writing, plus whatever else might have captured my attention.

On the blog, I write about writing, about life, about art & design & intentional living.

Why do I give my books away?

Perhaps it’s part altruism, part marketing strategy. (Though I’ve yet to see if it’s an insane marketing strategy or not..)

I’d like to say I’m just selfless, carefree person, but I’m really not. Not always. I’m a product of my capitalist, materialistic world as much as the next person. And it occasionally gives me heart palpitations and a horrible sinking dread in my gut to think of giving away for free what I could be charging money for. Should be charging money for according to many people.

But even though to some it might seem insane, the world I want to create doesn’t have money at its core. I’m not necessarily saying I want to do away with it completely, but I don’t want it to drive our lives anymore. I don’t want it to drive me.

First and foremost I want to be part of a community who gives and shares freely, each according to their own skills and gifts and abilities, trusting that we will all be taken care of in the same way.

I don’t know if or how it might work. But I figure if I believe in it, the only thing I could do is start doing it myself.

So what I can do is write. Writing is the thing that I’ve always loved, that has always fuelled my passion for life, has always made sense. Stories are what I have to give.

Well, I guess I can do a few other things, too. (And some of these other things I charge money for, some I don’t.) But somewhere in here I’m working out how to make a living while actually living life, on my own terms. On terms that feel right.

So you can download my stories here and pay whatever they are worth to you. And if you can’t pay anything, then don’t pay anything – just tell your friends or leave me nice messages 🙂 Or buy me lunch. Or babysit my daughter. Or come stay at The Light House with us and do a bit of gardening (and a lot of lazing in the hammock.)




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Want to Get in touch? I reply to everyone… eventually!

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